Email is a
complex topic

let us simplify

Find Out More is the dedicated emailsystem just for you!

Email is an essential part of the internet. You need email-services that integrate well into your own product or services? Get yourself a dedicated system.

Easy Integration

Integration into your own products or services is super simple. Manage Accounts and Aliases by generating a JSON file or use a standard JSON/REST Web API.

Dedicated System and white labeling

We run dedicated systems just for you, with your own domain name, DKIM key and certificates. This offers fantastic branding opportunities for resellers.

Full transparency

The complete stack is open-source, including our deployment code. No secret sauce.

Solid technology

Our team has been running mail services for more than 10 years. With your emails stored on ZFS checksums will ensure availability even longer than that.


TLS/SSL encrypt emails between servers and clients. This helps against passive snooping along the way. For Clients TLS is mandatory so you'll never accidentally compromise account passwords.

Blacklist Prevention

By scanning and monitoring outgoing mail can stop spam from your domain before it hits other servers and lands you on the blacklist.